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The school academic programme is based on Nigerian and British curriculum. The school follows a British curriculum that is broken into four cycles or key stages similar to the national curriculum in England and Wales.

The curriculum materials, instruction and assessment programme are developed to ensure that our children can compete with contemporaries from any part of the world. 

Information, communication and technological skills are integrated into core instruction. 

Immense emphasis is also placed on practical-oriented teaching, be it in sciences, arts or the vocational  subjects. Primegate teachers and children are engaged  in a synergy of learning, teaching as well as mentor and protégée relationship.

The subjects taught in the school are listed as follows: 

Mathematics, English Language, Elementary Science, Social Studies,  Bible knowledge, Physical  and Health Education, Home Economics, French Language, Music, Fine Arts, Computer Appreciation, Vocational Aptitude, Quantitative & Verbal Aptitude, Phonics, Perfect Formation, Language Development, Civics,  Practical, Life and Rhymes.

Our Environment

The academic environment at The Primegate School is extensively tailored to give a well rounded, cutting edge education to every student.

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